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  • INX-ZA 2023/25 Committee Election
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Per the INX-ZA management committee Terms of Reference, we will hold elections to elect new members to the INX management committee.  This election will be in the form of an online-only election.

As a reminder, the INX Committee is open to anyone from the community, and is not limited to geography, nor exclusively peering participants.  The term period will be 2024-2025.

Only networks that peer at an INX-ZA managed IX may vote, and voting is restricted to one vote per organisation (ASN).  The voting period will be from 21 March 2024 12h00 UTC until 4 April 2024 13h00 UTC*  (15h00 local time)  

This list is ascending alphabetically (sorted by first name).

NameBrief Bio
Muaaz TeladiaAs a consulting network engineer and Internet Service Provider director, Muaaz Teladia has a wide range of technical skills and experience.  He is highly proficient in networking technologies, including routing, switching, fibre, wireless and security protocols.  He also has extensive experience with network design and architecture and is able to plan and implement complex networks.  In addition to his technical skills, Muaaz is known for his strong problem-solving abilities and ability to think strategically.  He is able to analyze a client's needs and develop customized solutions that maximize efficiency and performance.  He is also an excellent communicator, able to clearly explain technical concepts to both technical and non-technical stakeholders

Prenesh Padayachee

Prenesh has been involved in ICT for over 25 years and in the internet industry for the last 20 years. He has worked at one of the leading internet service providers in the country as well one of the primary telecommunications provider in South Africa. Prenesh has worked in both Technology as well as Sales and Marketing roles , which has enabled him to amass extensive experience in the entire value chain of broadband as well as internet service provision. 

He has been instrumental in driving down the cost of fixed broadband in South Africa and continues to have a keen interest in driving down the cost to communicate across the African continent. He currently consults to a number of organization in the Telecoms and ISP space.


Tarryn KiddTarryn is an innovative internet marketing professional with a focus on tech marketing and digital infrastructure. With over a decade of experience, she possesses extensive expertise in nurturing internet ecosystems and communities. Tarryn demonstrates a profound commitment to the internet industry, actively participating in various ICT committees and playing a pivotal role in bridging the digital divide.

William Stucke

William was educated in 17 places in 3 continents, eventually getting some weird non-specific Honours Engineering degree in London.

That's just as well, because he was a Construction, Project, Electrical, Mechanical, Systems and Control & Instrumentation Engineer and that's just in the Mining Industry.

After that, he wandered back to the Telecoms Industry and became a bit of a pain about telecoms liberalisation in Africa. Along the way, he co-founded ISOC-ZA, AfrISPA and NameSpace, and led all of them at some stage. He also made noises at ISPA, who were so glad he left that they gave him an award.

He programmed his first huge mainframe (with 36 K of hand-built Ferrite Core Memory) in 1972, built the first fibre optic network in an underground mine in 1988, started his first ISP in 1996 and did a bunch of clever stuff no one else had thought of, with lots of help from his partners, until they bailed. For his sins, he ended up being an ICASA Councillor and is now a Consultant, flogging his enormous skills (and tiny ego) on the open market.

William Stucke

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