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NameBrief Bio
Angus Hay

Dr Angus Hay is General Manager for Africa Data Centres’ facilities in Johannesburg and Cape Town, where he has overseen major expansion projects at the data centres commercially and operationally.

Dr Hay joined Neotel at its inception in 2006 and later became its Chief Technology Officer. He has also served as Chief Technology Officer for Transtel and was chair of the management committee of the West Africa Cable System (WACS) in 2012.

He is currently director of the Number Portability Company (NPC). Born and educated in Johannesburg, South Africa, Dr Hay has a BSc (Eng) Elec (1987) and a PhD in digital transmission (1998) from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Dr Hay was President of the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE) in 2010, and has served on the Council of the Institute for the past 15 years. As a postgraduate student in the early 1990s, he took part in the establishment of the Internet between academic institutions in South Africa.

Angus Hay

Dean Duffield An energetic executive with excellent all round experience in all aspects of a Telecommunications network, from company startups to long term operations and creation of internal processes and management of in house and outsourced activities, including complete RAN swap / rollout / optimization, Core, VAS IT, Billing, Commercial, NMC and Customer Care.

A Business Man with a full understanding of 2G / 3G and present and future network evolution with extensive business and leadership skills; a leader who truly understand the value of a win-win situation deriving synergy from major vendor suppliers, in-house capabilities and subcontractors to optimally provide the best output for short and long term strategies set by senior management and shareholders.

An Operations Specialist with proven technical and financial capabilities of deriving innovative cost effective solutions and processes in an environment that includes multi-vendors and multi-technologies, end-to-end.
A driven people’s person who derives success by creating a team environment in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural company, who sets and manages targets that are aligned with the company’s expectations and structured goals.

A corporate innovator that’s capable of taking marketing and sales targets and driving them technically through the business that includes new products, services and campaigns. Creating synergy between marketing, network resources and operational management, to create maximum profitability in structured commercial and technical management methodologies.

Dean Duffield

Edrich de Lange

Edrich de Lange has been working in the ISP field since 2008, and is currently a consultant to various ISPs in and around Durban. He has been on board of various non-profit organisations and in fields as diverse as the information technology community;  orchestral arts;  and sailing, and has a deep love of community involvement.

Edrich is passionate about peering and the utility it brings in the networking industry.  As co-founder of ZANOG he's helped pioneer a community-led CDN caching system that has improved the network performance (and cost savings) of operators in Cape Town and Durban immeasurably! 

Edrich is a firm believer in change through action, passing on information through education, and you'll often find him elbows deep "in the trenches" helping to run training workshops.

Edrich de Lange

Marius Kruger

Marius entered the IT Industry during 1997. He started out his career in managed services in the manufacturing and education industries. He held various positions from support, infrastructure and business development in national and multi-national companies.

He has been involved in various ICT related projects including FTTx builds, DC Builds and IaaS.

Marius is currently appointed as Chief Information Officer for and the acting Chief Technical Officer.

Marius is actively involved in promoting partnerships in the ICT Industry to improve access to information and knowledge transfer for generations to come.

Mark Elkins

Mark was born and educated in the UK. He attended Queen Mary College (London University) from 1979 to 1983. From that very first day at university – Mark has been working on Unix based computer systems. He moved to South Africa in 1984.

After twelve years at Olivetti Systems and Networks, he started his own company (Posix Systems) and has been involved in Computer Communications since 1986 (remember UUCP?)

He acquired the administered of the “CO.ZA” Domain name administration system on behalf of UniForum S.A. from 1995. He then automated it – the majority of this code still runs today, though now as the Legacy system. 

Achievements include

  • CCIE (Cisco Engineer) No.1992, 6 June 1996
  • Running IPv6 at Posix Systems since January 2007
  • DNSSEC at Posix Systems since 2010,
  • Manages the EDU.ZA SLD – which is DNSSEC and IDN enabled.
  • Board member of AFRINIC (for 6 years)
  • ICANN DNSSEC & Security Program Committee Member for Africa
  • Part of the ICANN “2016 DNS Study for Africa” working group.
  • DNS Trainer for ZACR, now ongoing again!
  • African Member of the ICANN DNSSEC & Security workshop program committee
  • ICANN UA (Universal Acceptance) Ambassador – that is, accepting IDN Domains - etc

Mark is particularly interested in creating a DNS Observatory in and for Africa, along with an AnyCast instance of all African based ccTLD & gTLD Domains. He is also very much in favour of a more secure Internet – DNSSEC, SSL/TLS Certificates, SPF, DANE/TLSA, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, RPKI/ROA’s - etc

Mark Elkins

Portia RabondaPortia Rabonda is the Africa Lead at Flexoptix GmbH, through which she engages with IXPs and network operators on a global basis.

Introduced to the community through working with SAFNOG, Portia has a strong love for community and sharing and hopes to contribute to the positive growth of INX-ZA through active work.

Before joining the bright (orange) side, Flexoptix GmbH, Portia was a Customer Relationship Manager at the South African State Information Technology Agency (SITA).

Riaan Vos

Riaan is actively involved with operations of INX-ZA environment from 2009 and has contributed to its excellent track record of unplanned outages.  Riaan is currently a member of the INX-ZA technical committee and have contributed to a number of projects such as the multisite expansion.  Riaan is forming part of the INX-ZA committee from 2016 and is willing to stand for another term provided this is acceptable by the current committee members and the community.

Riaan’s biography follows:
Riaan has more than 16 years' experience working in the industry with extensive experience on Service Provider Backbone networks.  Riaan is currently forming part of the team responsible for the network design of Metrofibre Networx (core, aggregation and access).  Before that Riaan has been at Internet Solutions in various positions with the last one the lead engineer of the team responsible for the last mile access network (consisting of more than 300 access sites).

Riaan is a big supporter of peering and the peering ecosystem and has first-hand experience its benefits of keeping the traffic local and improving overall client experience, and leveraging from the inherent redundancy that peering is bringing by rerouting around problems and even at a stage assisted another operator with international capacity when all of theirs dropped… all of this over the peering fabric! 

Riaan’s vision is that by being part of the INX committee, his contributions can help in the efforts to make the ZA peering ecosystem better for the community.

Riaan Vos

William Stucke

William was educated in 17 places in 3 continents, eventually getting some weird non-specific Honours Engineering degree in London.

That's just as well, because he was a Construction, Project, Electrical, Mechanical, Systems and Control & Instrumentation Engineer and that's just in the Mining Industry.

After that, he wandered back to the Telecoms Industry and became a bit of a pain about telecoms liberalisation in Africa. Along the way, he co-founded ISOC-ZA, AfrISPA and NameSpace, and led all of them at some stage. He also made noises at ISPA, who were so glad he left that they gave him an award.

He programmed his first huge mainframe (with 36 K of hand-built Ferrite Core Memory) in 1972, built the first fibre optic network in an underground mine in 1988, started his first ISP in 1996 and did a bunch of clever stuff no one else had thought of, with lots of help from his partners, until they bailed. For his sins, he ended up being an ICASA Councillor and is now a Consultant, flogging his enormous skills (and tiny ego) on the open market.

William Stucke

Una Karlsen

Over a 20-year IT career, Una has worked for several small ISPs, building
and managing Network, VOIP and Billing infrastructure, starting in 2000 and
ending with a large Cloud provider in 2019. In between, she has done
security audits, software development, product development and customer
support. Currently unemployed after a long bout with chronic illness, Una
is in the process of starting a nonprofit to provide services to
underserved communities.

Being a FLOSS, Linux, Security, and DevOps enthusiast, passing on knowledge
has always been part of her DNA. Be it through local user groups or
training staff. A vocal advocate for IPv6 adoption since 2000, Una believes
in building things right and building them to last. This also means
building them to be fault tolerant, and where possible self healing.

Una believes in transparent governance and thinking global while acting


local. In practice this means working on solutions that fit local
situations best, learning from the experiences of others from abroad and
sharing her learnings so that results can be replicated elsewhere.