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JINX is the oldest Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Africa, and amongst the oldest 25 IXPs still operational today, globally.

Contact information

Questions relating to the INX policy, accounts, membership, eligibility to connect to the INX and other general issues should be addressed to: 

titleImportant: JINX RBA/PKL will be relocating soon.

The JINX currently operates as two separate, but connnected locations, namely: JINX-PKL and JINX-RBA .  These existing locations sites will soon be consolidated into one common location, within the same data-centre in Parklands.  Please collapsed into a larger 15 cabinet location within Parklands. Please look out for communication from our INX manager for details on the move, and when/how this is planned.  Additional Planning information will be made available as the process unfolds.

Hosting facilities

Questions relating to addition hosting facilities (ie.  additional colocation space) for equipment that may not be applicable to be housed at the JINX itself, should be addressed to Internet Solutions:the relevant colocation provider.  

On-site support numbers for JINX (office hours)

  • Use Please use the contact details mentioned below. The GSC will direct the request to the relevant people.
  • censortive word (subject: JINX IDC access on YYYY-MM-DD)
  • +27.11.575.0055

Note that this is the contact details for IS Global Service Center (GSC) that operates on a 24×7 basis. For after-hour support, the GSC can still be contacted. 


As per ISPA regulations, the cabling in and to the IX environment is the responsibility of the host. Please do not arrange for cabling directly to the IX, rather work through the host, or our INX Manager.  If the ISPA member is already an IS client, they can work through their account manager or if they are not a customer, they can contact to initiate the cabling process.

Physical locations

The physical address for JINX (Rosebank) is:If you are trying to find the JINX facility, these are located at: 

IS Rosebank

Vaults 14 and 16

IDC Beta Hosting Room

2nd Floor, IS Junction

158 Jan Smuts Avenue



and the physical address for JINX (Parklands) is:

IS Parklands



Vault 4 (old sabc vault)

1, Vault 4 
Second Floor,

9 Keyes Drive



Pod 10

DataCentre 1

25 Landmarks Avenue




IP address allocation

The IPv4/IPv6 address blocks for JINX are:

DATA vlan: 196.223.14.X/24 and 2001:43f8:01f01f0:0::X:/64
VOIP vlan: 196.223.15.X/24 and 2001:43f8:01f01f0:1::X:/64

where X is assigned on application for a port.

Questions about the allocation of addresses for the INXes should be addressed to censortive word.

Switch configuration

The INX host is responsible for the maintenance of the switches at each INX.  Requests for switch configuration changes should be sent to the ops team.

Traffic graphs

Traffic graphs for JINX are available at


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